→ Control queues, social distancing and bloc the virus transmission. The new restaurants goals

In order to avoid the virus transmission, restaurants have to adapt their way to host customers in their own establishment. By host, many case could be considered :


-Number of people inside the restaurant

-Table gestion

Nowadays, there’s plenty solutions to face this new way of gestion. Wearing a mask is not enough, other solutions have to be used to respect the social distanciation rules.

As an exemple, take a look at CHECKQ app in Luxembourg.

CheckQ app logo

The new secure way to get a table remotely for walking customers, and allows for restaurateurs to optimise their seating capacity.

Many other advantages for restaurants such as :

-Manage queues

-Optimise seating capacity

-Master the social distanciation in their own establishment

For customer without reservation :

-No more need to check in person if still a table available at your favorite restaurant

-No queue

-Have a seat without waiting

Provided by this blog, another exemple in Finland, where the restaurant “Apteekkari Kuopio” use other kind of technology. A device that monitors the flux inside the restaurant and the people’s movement, created conjointly by Phillips and PeopleCount.

Philips logo
People count logo

The device show in real time the restaurant’s situation to customers. If the social distanciation is respected or not. No need to check in person for restaurateurs.

The code receives and interprets information from a network of smart cameras strategically installed by the establishment.

This solution is not only used in Finland, but also in Spain and Netherlands.

Last exemple, the utilisation of QR Codes.

QR code exemple

Instead of touching and reading a real menu, some restaurateurs had the idea to digitalise their menu. The customer has simply have to scan the QR Code and check it out on his screen and then place an order.

Here’s the new ways to control queues, social distancing and bloc the virus transmission.

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