Mama Rita food
The famous model Jessica Kahawaty and her mother Rita launched their first food delivery concept this week in Dubai. Their first food venture is called Mama Rita. The idea comes from many peoples that have tried Rita’s food during their life. A requested by many people, Rita as finally created a concept with her famous food. And this is how they’ve started exploring Mama Rita, a food delivery concept with the slogan: “From My Kitchen
I’m happy to bring you incoming green signals. Many restaurants has opened or will open soon in Luxembourg. New gourmet adresses will re-appear in the country ! 🙂 You were waiting for them, good news, you’re not the only one. ^^ At Luxembourg city, Honoloa will open a 2nd restaurant in the Gare district, their poke bowls are waiting for you. In the city center, Sana and Seed have opened few weeks ago. Sana offers
Restorers want to avoid customers touching printed cards. In Luxembourg a new solution has appeared this month: yuMmmh. This free solution participates in the fight against the spread of the virus thanks to a free service allowing restaurant owners to create their contactless menus. One condition, the customer has to scan the QR code menu thanks to his phone and the app in question. And finaly see the menu. The priority for the Horesca sector
Customer in a restaurant
In order to avoid the virus transmission, restaurants have to adapt their way to host customers in their own establishment. By host, many case could be considered : -Queue -Number of people inside the restaurant -Table gestion Nowadays, there’s plenty solutions to face this new way of gestion. Wearing a mask is not enough, other solutions have to be used to respect the social distanciation rules. As an exemple, take a look at CHECKQ app
Flirting with the waiter/waitress (special for singles) Let’s start with a cool reason! If you’re single, going at restaurant might allow you to find your soul mate…Who knows ? ^^ Discover new flavors ! Go at restaurant is the best way to discover new tastes and flavors. Dish that you’ve never heard about or on the contrary, which ones you know bu you don’t cook oftenly. Be amazed by magnificent plates and dishes Before being

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